About us

The Danish Patient Compensation is an independent association. Our task is to help patients by evaluation if they are entitled to compensation due to injuries from healthcare treatments or side effects to drugs.

The Danish Patient Compensation evaluates claim for compensation in accordance with Danish Patient Compensation Act.

Danish Patient Compensation was previously named Danish Patient Compensation Association.


Board of Directors

Chairman Karsten Uno Petersen

Management Secretariat

Peter Jakobsen

Lea Larsson

Lone Cassandra Olesen


Managing Director Karen-Inger Bast

Deputy Director Ole Graugaard

Deputy Director Martin Erichsen


Administration Department

Ole Graugaard


Stina Lind

Budget and Accounting

Ole Graugaard


Thomas Harding Brix

Injury Prevention and Learning

Kim Lyngby Mikkelsen

Assistant Team 1 and Team Service

Dorte Muusmann

Assistant Team 2 and Team Express

Christine Delin

GDPR and Cybersecurity

Julie Rohmann

Legal Department

Martin Erichsen

1. Office

Susanne Krab Simonsen

2. Office

Anne-Louise Wedell-Wedellsborg

3. Office

Tina Broegaard

4. Office

Henrik Adamsen

5. Office

Kåre Stokholm Svensson