FAQ for professionals

Private hospitals, clinics and private practice specialists must set up an insurance for the following treatment:

  • Treatment administered in accordance with the rule of extended free hospitalization.
  • Treatment paid for outside the public health care.

Other authorized healthcare professionals and their field of employment, public or private, are covered by the compensation scheme.

Yes. All licensed health professionals are covered and so are their helpers who work for them.

No. Injury claims do not have to be submitted to the Patient Safety Authority (The Patient Complaints Board) before being reported to The Patient Compensation Association and vice versa.

The Danish Patient Compensation does not publish names of individuals.

It can be difficult to determine the actual cause of a patient's injury. It is a matter of documentation. In Denmark, the law states that it must be "highly likely" that the injury can be attributed to the examination and treatment. There must be more than a 50% likelihood of cause in order for an injury to be granted compensation.