What does it take to get compensation?

You must have suffered an injury

You have to had suffered an injury with connection to treatment or medication, to meet the basic condition for compensation.

It is not enough, that the treatment has not fulfilled your expectation or cured you - you must have suffered an injury that has worsened your situation.

What is an injury?

An injury means, that your health has been deteriorated because of the treatment or medication, you have received.

You can have suffered an injury because of:

  • Delayed treatment
  • Lack of treatment
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Post-surgery complications
  • Side-effects from medication
  • Defective devices, implants or equipment

If you fall off your bike and hurt yourself, it is not an injury you can report to us. But if something goes wrong in relation with your medical treatment after you fell off your bike, and you sustain further injuries, you may claim compensation for the injury caused by the treatment.

You may also be awarded compensation, if you broke your leg in the accident and you received an incorrect or late diagnosis at the hospital. However, it is a requirement that the late or incorrect diagnosis led to an injury.

You must have a loss

The injury you have suffered, must have caused you a physical or financial loss. It is your loss, that the compensation covers.

This could be:

  • Temporary loss of income
  • Future loss of income if you are impaired at the expense of your ability to work
  • Permanent disability
  • Treatment expenses, for example the cost of medicine, physiotherapy, transport etc.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering during sick leave