How do we process your case?

Every compensation case is unique and the duration of the processes vary. Some we can process quickly, others take longer. A typical case looks like this:

Average duration: 2 weeks.

We have received your application. Now we are in the process of making sure we have all the information we need to create a case. If we are in need of anything, we will contact you.

Average duration: 8 weeks.

We have now requested all of the relevant medical records and material from the place where the incident occured. If it is relevant, we will also collect information from other places where you have been treated.

This takes some time, but it is important we get all of the relevant material.

If we find out that we need more information along the way, or we do not receive the material on time, it may extend the process.

Average duration: 6 weeks.

We have collected all of the relevant material. Now your case is waiting to be assigned to a caseworker.

When your case is assigned to a caseworker, you may be contacted by your caseworker, for further questions or information.

Average duration: 2 weeks.

A caseworker is now in the process of looking into your case. The caseworker forms an overview of your course and assesses the posibilities for compensation.

Often, the next step will be for your case to be referred to a doctor, who will assess the treatment you have received.

If the caseworker thinks that information is still missing, we will provide it.

Average duration: 7-8 weeks. 

Your caseworker has assessed for a doctor should look into your case.

Your caseworker has now sent a summary of your case and all of the related material to a doctor for him to assess whether your treatment has taken place properly, as it should.

Then a meeting will be held between your caseworker and the doctor. Afterwards the doctor will give his assessment.

Sometimes a case can be decided once the doctor has made his assessment. Other times you may need to gather more information, such as a statement from your own doctor or other medical records. In some cases, a case can be decided as soon as the caseworker has received the new information. Other times, the doctor will need to take another look at the case.

Sometimes we have to wait to decide a case because it is too early to assess the consequences of the injury. If this is the case, and we will have to wait for the consequences of the injury to manifest before making a decision, we will contact you.

Average duration: 8 weeks.

Your case has now been assessed and your caseworker must write a decision. However, there are many cases and therefore it may take some time before the caseworker can get started on yours.

The decision consists of a description of your case and a justification for whether you can receive compensation or not.

If we do assess that you are entitled to compensation, it will also state the amount you receive in compensation, in some cases. In other cases, we can only calculate the compensation amount later on.

For example, if the injury has cost you the ability to work, we must first assess what you would have earned if you had not received the injury. This requires that we receive paychecks and other documentation

For example, if the injury alone has given you the right to compensation for an extended period of illness, we can calculate the compensation without further information.

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision for up to 30 days after to the Appeals Board for Patient Compensation.

The Board of Appeal may decide to change the case status from a refusal to a grant, increase or decrease the compensation amount. The Board of Appeal can also assess that the patient is not entitled to compensation at all. However, if the patient has been paid a compensation earlier in the process following a decision by the Danish Patient Compensation, this amount cannot be demanded back.

Average duration: Up to 52 weeks.

If we grant your case, we will calculate your compensation.

You may already have received part of the compensation. In other cases, we cannot calculate the compensation immediately. This is because we need more information to calculate the right amount.

For example, we may need additional information from your employer or municipality. It may also be that you have had to be examined by a doctor again.

In this case, you may risk that your compensation is paid in several portions. In some cases, it may take up to a year or more before the last installment of the compensation is paid.

As soon as we have the opportunity to calculate the compensation, we begin. We know it's difficult to wait.

You will be notified when we have calculated all of, or part of, your compensation. We also send the compensation statement to the authority (typically the region where the treatment center is located) that is paying the compensation. You can see see who the authority is in the decision statement.

The Danish Patient Compensation does not administer the actual payout.

Your case with us is closed. 

If you have requested a reassessment of your case, we will consider your case closed until we have decided whether your case can be reassessed.