How do we process your case?

All applications are different and how we process our cases can differ. Some of the applications we process quickly, whilst others might take longer.

Currently it takes nine months from the moment you apply until you receive a adjudication in your case.

The typical process of a case looks like this:

We have received your application and we will start to collect the relevant information from the different locations of your treatment.

We will collect documents like your hospital records, x-rays, results from laboratory tests, and all other documents relevant to determining your case. The information will be collected from hospitals, nursing homes or general practitioners.

If we need any further information, we will contact you.

Once all the relevant documents to your case have been collected, you will get a caseworker assigned who will determine your case.

Waiting time

In 75% of our cases, it takes 3,5 months to collect all the relevant documentation in your case. Some cases might be quicker, and some cases might take longer.

Your caseworker will investigate your case to uncover what happened and whether or not compensation can be granted.

Normally, one or more doctors will assess your case to determine if you received the right and necessary treatment.

If we need any further documentation to determine your case, we will collect it.

In some cases, the caseworker will not be able to determine if you are entitled to compensation. This will be the case if your treatment has not been completed and it will therefore be too early to determine the full extent of the consequences the injury will have for you.

Waiting time

In 75% of our cases, it takes 8 months to go through and determine your case. Some cases might be quicker, and some cases might take longer.

The medical determination of your case is finalized. Your caseworker will now determine if you are entitled to compensation according to the law.

If your case fulfils the requirements, we recognize, that because of your injury you are in your right to receive compensation.

In most cases we will determine all the compensation or parts of it with the adjudication. In other cases, we will have to determine it later. It all depends on your injury.

If your case does not fulfil the requirements, we will reject your case and we will inform you about why you are not entitled to compensation.

If you disagree with the adjudication in your case, you have 30 days to appeal to the Appeals Board of Patient Compensation. The place of your treatment (where the injury happened) and the ones who must pay your compensation, which will most likely be a region or an insurance company, can also appeal the adjudication in your case.

You will get your compensation when the deadline for the appeal has run out. If your case gets appealed, you will get the compensation when a verdict in that case has been reached.

Waiting time

In 75% of our cases, it takes 2 months to reach a adjudication in a case. Some cases might be quicker, and some cases might take longer.

If we acknowledge your case, we will start calculating the total amount of your compensation. It can take some time and we often need further information to determine the right amount.

This can be through information from you, your employer or the municipality that you live in.

This will be the case if you lost your ability to work. Then we will need to calculate what you would have earned if you would have been able to continue working. In this matter we will contact you so you can send us your paychecks and other documentation.

Your compensation can be calculated over multiple times, and you will be able to get some of the compensation paid along the way. In some cases, it can take many years before the last amount of your compensation will be paid. This will be the case if your need for treatment stems from a work injury. If that is the case, we need to wait for your work injury to be finalized within the Labour Market Insurance before we can determine your compensation.

The compensation will be paid by the authority (typically the region), where the treatment took place. Danish Patient Compensation does not handle the payment.

Every time we reach a adjudication in your case, the place of treatment, or the ones who must pay the compensation have the right to appeal the case to the Appeals Board of Patient Compensation within 30 days. If someone appeals the adjudication , the compensation will not be paid before the appeal has been finalized.

When we have calculated your full compensation, we will let you know that your case has been finalized.

Waiting time

In 75% of our cases, it takes 12,5 months to calculate all parts of your compensation. Some cases might be quicker, and some cases might take longer.

We have reached the final adjudication in your case, and it has now been closed.

If you request for your case to be reopened, we will still consider your case closed until we have reached a decision on whether your case can be reopened.