Press contact

Journalists can call the press guard on +45 33 69 48 80 or send an email to

You can contact us from 7:00-22:00 on all weekdays and from 8:00-16:00 on weekends and holidays.

You cannot text message the press guard.

Press Photos

If you need Press Photos of the Directorate, you can download it here:

Download Press Photos of the Directorate

General inquiries

We cooperate with the press, concerning facts about the compensation scheme and relevant data statistics.

We would like to be accomodating, but sometimes we have to decline contributing with data, either because the task is too demanding or because the data is not useful nor valid.

We comment on general legal questions, and we also contribute in areas concerning patients safety and rights.

Specific cases

Inquiries about specific cases will usually not be answered. In some cases however, in order to avoid misconceptions about the compensation scheme we do choose to comment on a broader level.

General access to documents

Journalists cannot obtain general access to documents, since we are not covered by the Public Records Act.

Access to documents in specific cases

If a patient wishes to give journalists access to documents in his/her particular case, the patient needs to complete a power of attorney in favor of the journalist and send it to us.

Requirements to the letter of attorney:

  • The power of attorney needs to include an exact text, making a clear request, for instance: "I hereby authorize the journalist xxxxx to..."
  • It needs to constitute a clear permission: "Furthermore, I grant the Danish Patient Compensation permission to comment on my case vis-à-vis journalist xxxxx."
  • It must include the name of the person granting the power of attorney, as well as his or her address, personal identification number, case number and original signature. It is not sufficient for the patient to only sign with initials.

We need to receive the power of attorney, either through the regular mail, by fax or as a scanned document sent by email. If you choose to use fax or the regular mail, the original power of attorney needs to subsequently be forwarded.